Make a Stand Weekend – Troy, Ohio – August 31 & September 1

lemonOn Labor Day weekend in Troy, Ohio, join the movement and make a stand against human trafficking. It is estimated that there are 27 million slaves in the world today. When 9 year old Vivienne Harr learned about child slavery a little more than a year ago, she decided she had to do something about it.  She started a lemonade stand and sold lemonade for 365 straight days. Now, as a 9 y.o. social entrepreneur, her fair trade lemonade is being bottled, and she has raised over $1 million to fight child slavery.  Labor Day weekend in Troy will feature two opportunities to meet Vivienne. Read more of this post

Make a Difference, Make a Stand

There are many issues and areas of concern in today’s world, and exponentially more causes for each issue. Some people have strong feelings about one particular cause, and focus all of their energy and resources towards that one issue, while others spread their support around. Your support may range from purely financial, to being an advocate and helping spread awareness, to volunteering for the cause.  Whatever your level of support, never lose sight of the fact that one person can truly make a difference.  Read more of this post