Join the Movement to End It

Friday, February 27 is Shine a Light on Slavery Day, which is part of the campaign by End It Movement to raise awareness of modern slavery around the world. Those who wish to join the movement are encouraged to mark a Red X on their hands, post a picture on their social networks, and tell people why they are joining the movement.


Free To Run Foundation is encouraging its supporters to join this movement. When posting your picture, in addition to using the hash tag #enditmovement, also tag #free2run and our applicable social media profile on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

To show our support for Shine a Light on Slavery Day, we are offering a discount code for our 4th Annual World Race for Hope 5k Columbus. By using the code ENDITCBUS, you can save $5 off any of the registration categories (Adult, Child/Student, Virtual). The code is good through March 1st. To register, go to the registration page.

Make a Difference, Make a Stand

There are many issues and areas of concern in today’s world, and exponentially more causes for each issue. Some people have strong feelings about one particular cause, and focus all of their energy and resources towards that one issue, while others spread their support around. Your support may range from purely financial, to being an advocate and helping spread awareness, to volunteering for the cause.  Whatever your level of support, never lose sight of the fact that one person can truly make a difference.  Read more of this post