Virtual Race Recap


The 2014 Resolve to End Slavery Virtual 5k race took place from January 1, 2014 to February 1, 2014. Since the World Race for Hope began several years ago, there have always been virtual participants registered for our races, but this was the first year that we focused on expanding the virtual race. Thanks to our sponsors and supported charities, Somaly Mam Foundation, Make a Stand, and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, we nearly doubled the number of virtual participants compared to any previous event.

Total participants: 48

Number of States: 12

Number of Countries: 3 (USA, Canada, England)

Total Participant Fundraising: $911.00 (out of $5,000 goal, 18%)

Amount distributed to charity partners: TBD

Results submitted by participants

First Last Finishing Time Date City State or Province
Katrina Josberger 0:22:02 1/7/14 Coxsackie NY
Kimberly Ogle 0:23:51 1/12/14 Oxford OH
Lisa Walsh 0:26:18 1/31/14 Loveland OH
Monica Shipman 0:27:31 1/1/14 Austin TX
Josh Shipman 0:27:31 1/1/14 Austin TX
Brett B 0:28:13 1/1/14 Troy OH
Nikki Nygren 0:29:00 1/1/14 Van Wert OH
Mary Hrenko 0:31:24 1/1/14 Kensington CT
Cori Sisler 0:32:30 1/26/14 Cincinnati OH
Ryan C 0:32:39 1/1/14 Long Beach CA
Beverly Rodeheffer 0:36:23 1/5/14 Delaware OH
Meredith Eudovic 0:40:08 1/1/14 Welland Ontario
Abigail Coren 0:46:25 1/1/14 Lincoln NE
Abigail Coren 0:46:25 1/1/14 Lincoln NE
Anthony Talbott 0:47:00 1/1/14 Bozeman MT
Kathryn Talbott 0:47:00 1/1/14 Bozeman MT
Jennifer Embleton 0:47:55 1/28/14 Lebanon OH
Nancy Wolf 0:48:06 1/31/14 Carlisle OH
Selene J 0:51:23 1/1/14 Long Beach CA
Donna K 0:55:00 1/1/14 Long Beach CA
Brooke Not submitted 1/1/14 Boston MA
Mike DeSantis Not submitted 1/1/14 Boston MA

If you still need to submit your results, you can do that here:

Submit your virtual 5k results

There were also 8 participants who signed up for the January mileage challenge. They committed to running or walking as many miles as they could in January to raise awareness of human trafficking. Post a comment here if you want to let us know how many miles you logged in January!

You’re probably wondering about the shirts. We put in the order with Freeset recently, so they are being made currently in India, and we’ll mail them in April. Our original goal was to get the shirts to you towards the end of February or early March, but that didn’t happen. We will do better next year.  We have a few door prizes to send out as well.

Improvements Being Considered for the 2015 Virtual Race

Since this was the first year we tried to grow the virtual race, we recognize that there are improvements to be made.

1. Participants will receive the virtual race shirt in the mail subsequent to registration.

We plan to order our shirts in advance so when you register, we’ll mail them right away. You will not have to wait a few months to get your shirt like this year. Participants will be encouraged to post pictures of their virtual run/walk in their race shirt.

2. More fundraising prizes.

Our charity partners benefit from the most from participant fundraising. To encourage more fundraising, we will come up with more prizes.

3. Increasing the number of organizations that we partner with for the race.

One of the keys to making this a global event is to partner with more charities fighting trafficking. Our goal is to use the World Race for Hope and the Virtual Race to allow organizations to connect with and engage their constituents who are passionate about running and walking, to raise awareness about their mission, and to raise funds that are critical to providing services.

If you have other feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.  Email us here.



First United Methodist Church of Troy, Ohio

Make A Stand Lemon-Aid


Heather Evans Music

Saving Grace Jewelry

Saving Grace

Holly Smith, Child Sex Trafficking Survivor


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World Race for Hope Director. Abolitionist. Co-founder of Team G(race) and Free To Run Foundation.

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