Make a Difference, Make a Stand

There are many issues and areas of concern in today’s world, and exponentially more causes for each issue. Some people have strong feelings about one particular cause, and focus all of their energy and resources towards that one issue, while others spread their support around. Your support may range from purely financial, to being an advocate and helping spread awareness, to volunteering for the cause.  Whatever your level of support, never lose sight of the fact that one person can truly make a difference. 

Case in point, 365 days ago, 9 year old (then 8) Vivienne Harr saw some pictures of child slaves in Nepal, and decided that kids should not have to work like that. She started selling lemonade every day to raise money to fight slavery, and her goal was to raise $150,000. Today, on day 365, she has raised over $400,000! Today also marks the launch of Make A Stand Lemonade in bottles that will be available at retailers under a “pay what’s in your heart” model. Vivienne is now an inspiration to many who have heard her story. Her young age was a benefit to her when she started her journey. As we get older, our brain gets in the way of our heart and we more easily let reason overcome passion and hope. When you think like a child, you can be free from preconceived notions about what you can and can’t do. Becoming an abolitionist at 8 years old and helping to end slavery was what Vivienne believed she was capable of doing. I would say she’s doing a pretty good job in her first year on the job.

Learn more about Vivienne and follow Make A Stand Lemon-aid:

Make A Stand Lemon-aid

Make A Stand Facebook page

Make A Stand on Twitter


Make A Stand Lemon-aid

Make A Stand Lemon-aid

If you’re inspired by this 9 year old’s commitment to end slavery, I challenge you to evaluate your current methods of fighting for what you believe in. Do you have untapped resources? What are you good at that could also be used to make a difference? To paraphrase Vivienne, Gandhi was one person, Martin Luther King was one person, Mother Theresa was one person, why can’t you be one person who helps?

About Brett
World Race for Hope Director. Abolitionist. Co-founder of Team G(race) and Free To Run Foundation.

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